Realme GT master Edition 5g Review


The Realme GT is arguably the best selling handsets in the Indian market, and is a great bargain compared to the prices of its counterparts like the iPhone 3G and Sony Ericsson XPERIA Arc. And yet the Realme boasts many features which make it a very attractive gadget to buy – features which make it the ideal smartphone for everyone. The Realme GT comes with a large LCD display, a large touch sensitive screen, a high-end speaker system, a built-in micro SD card reader, and plenty of memory space. This high-end handset also offers a host of exciting preloaded apps, plenty of ring tones, the ability to upload songs from your own device or through Wi-Fi, the ability to play videos, the ability to browse the internet, and access the World Wide Web. The Realme also features a rich user interface, a comprehensive voice recorder, and a built-in GPS chip, which allows you to find directions to your destination on a map, as well as launch applications that are specific to the area you are in.

Like many modern smartphones the Realme GT has a full suite of customizable features and options. These include the Quickoffice application, which is used to edit documents and presentations. With this application you can easily convert PDFs, Word documents, Excel files, PowerPoint presentations and other documents into text and various other formats, thereby making them accessible to a wide range of professionals, students and business men. A further feature of the Realme GT is its integration with the Realme Platform, an open source web application platform that allows easy creation, sharing and usage of various online services, including blogs, podcasts and social networking sites. The Realme platform also allows the web browser to automatically sync your data with your Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) via the Internet.

Although the Realme GT does not pack a lot of power and speed the Adreno processor inside it ensures smooth and fast performance. With the Adreno processor running behind the scenes the Realme Gt Master Edition 5g is able to run applications like Facebook and Skype smoothly, opening up the doors to these programs for use by the general public. The processor also ensures smooth processing of graphics and video, allowing you to surf the net and watch HD videos with ease. realme gt 5g master edition

Despite its powerful specs the Realme GT is rather lacking in terms of storage space, with only 65GB available in its default configuration. This is more than adequate for standard user needs however, and there is a reasonable chance that you will expand the storage space with the use of additional software or disks. A preinstalled 15GB Flash Drive and a further 8GB of Ram work well with the snapdragon 778g and its dual band wireless connectivity. Connectivity to the internet and Bluetooth allow you to surf the web and chat with family and friends, whilst the superior storage space ensures you never run out of space for important files.

A vapor chamber cooling system is fitted into this laptop to ensure maximum performance from the Realme GT. Built into the laptop is a vapour chamber cooling system, which ensures the Realme’s components are cooled to their optimum operating temperature. With a fan installed on the underside of the notebook, internal airflow is limited to help keep the components at a constant temperature. The result is an extended life for both the processor and the hard drive. The refresh rate on the Realme GT is determined by an internal setting, which can be adjusted according to your personal requirements, allowing this laptop to remain a leading choice for consumers.

Another feature on this Realme GT master edition is its front and rear camera setup. The rear camera allows you to take still photos, whilst the front-facing camera will enable you to capture videos. The wide angle on the front camera setup is ideal for capturing outdoor scenes and stunning sunsets. Connectivity to the internet and Bluetooth allow you to surf the net, enjoy yourself and catch up with your friends, all without having to worry about connecting to a laptop or other external device.

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