Raw Dog Food: What’s All The Fuss About?

If you are thinking of switching your dog’s diet to include raw food, you are probably doing your research. Why? Many animal nutritionists claim that feeding dogs raw food is very dangerous to their health. Should you take the risks associated with feeding your pet raw food or should you stick to a regular diet? The following information includes facts that you need to know about raw dog food before you make your decision.

· There is a risk for bacteria that can be harmful to both you and your pet. Safe handling of raw food is important. Many dogs and their owners become ill because the food is not properly handled. Dogs become sick by eating raw food that has grown bacteria that have developed due to high temperature. Owners become sick my not properly washing their hands after handling the raw products. The risks for a sickness caused by bacteria are real and should be taken seriously. E. Coli and Salmonella are two examples of bacteria that have been found in popular raw food products. Massive recalls were put into effect in 2008 because of bacteria. Sadly, raw dog food has been frowned upon every since this time.

· Feeding your dog raw food will be very expensive. If you have always fed your dog inexpensive dry dog food and choose to  russian food store switch to raw food, you may find yourself in sticker shock. Raw dog food included quality meats such as beef and venison. The products do not come cheap for humans. The same can be said with pets.

· Choosing raw dog food will take up more of your time. Raw dog food takes more time and energy to prepare than any other type of dog food. You will have to allow time for the food to unthaw. Then, you will be required to get the food into the dog’s plate before the temperature of the food gets too low. If not, your dog will be at risk of getting sick from the food. Because of these reasons, additional time must be set aside for you to feed your dog. It is totally different from feeding your dog dry food that is often pour and go!

· More difficult to find. Raw food is rather uncommon. It is not the food of choice for most pet owners. It may be more difficult for you to find in your local market. You may be forced to turn to online options if you choose to feed your dog raw food.

Raw dog food has both advantages and disadvantages. Be sure that you are fully aware of the responsibility that comes with choosing a raw dog food diet for your pet. Do you have the time and money to devote to this type of diet? Are you willing to take the risks that are associated with it? Arm yourself with information so that you can make the best decision for you and your pet.

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