How to Use Backlinks to Boost Lead Generation

The best way to boost traffic to your site, even better than pay-per-click, is backlinks. Backlinks are links to your site from other web sites all over the internet.

How do you build thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of backlinks? You do it by writing articles, and distributing them to web sites related to your industry.

Backlinks are the Fuel that Drives Traffic

Backlinks drive traffic to your site in two ways. First, you’ll always have a link back to your site in the resource box of your articles. A reader interested in visiting your site can click this link to go right to your site, or any page within your site you want to drive them to.

Second, one of the major factors Google looks at when ranking pages is the relevancy of the site. If you have thousands of links to your site Google will deem your site highly relevant. That will rank your site higher, and mean more people will find your site when searching your keywords. 백링크

Backlinks are FREE

The beauty of backlinks is that they don’t cost you a thing. How much would pay-per-click cost you for highly relevant keywords? They’d cost you a fortune.

To build thousands of backlinks all you have to do is write articles, and distribute them to web sites related to your industry.

Backlinks are Organic

Companies pay millions of dollars for pay-per-click advertising that show their ads at the top of search pages for their keywords. At first, this was brilliant because the average web surfer thought that top ad was really just the most relevant return on their search.

These days the secret is pretty much out. Most people now know those top results are really ads. Most people now look directly to the true, or organic search results.

Backlinks build your relevancy, which in turn raises your page rank. The higher your site ranks, the higher your site appears in actual search results. A top 10 ranking, or PR10, puts your site on the first results page. You’re easy to find.


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